Public Notice

Proposed conversion of the ILAM Fahari I-REIT from an unrestricted I-REIT into a restricted I-REIT and redemption of 36,585,134 units from non-professional investors.


STANLIB's Transaction


Proposed disposal of Stanlib Kenya Limited's Business in connection with the management of the Stanlib Fahari I-REIT to ICEA LION Asset Management Limited


Stanlib gets more time to buy sh.245m real estate

28.9.2017, Business Daily

Property fund Stanlib Fahari I-Reit has got regulatory exemption to extend a Saturday deadline to acquire real estate worth a minimum value of Sh245 million.


Real estate investment treads in profit announcement

24.03.2017, NTV

The Stanlib Fahari Real Estate Investment Trust has a posted a return of Ksh106 million for its first13 months of operations...