ICEA LION Asset Management LTD.

About ICEA LION Asset Management Ltd (ILAM): ICEA LION Asset Management Ltd (ILAM) stands as a subsidiary within the esteemed ICEA LION Holdings, a substantial Financial Services Group that extends its influence across East Africa. Established in 1985, ILAM's foundation spans 35 years, positioning us as one of Kenya's earliest fund managers, replete with a wealth of 35 years of comprehensive fund management expertise.

Client Confidence and Growth: Our journey has been marked by robust growth in Assets under Management, as we continue to welcome more clients into our fold. This growth is fueled by the trust our clients place in our capabilities, underscored by our exemplary performance and dedication to delivering top-tier client service.

Strength and Expertise: ILAM benefits from a rich history and substantial experience. As the oldest fund management company in Kenya, we are licensed by the Capital Markets Authority as a fund manager and REIT manager. Presently, we oversee assets worth over KES 200 billion.

Real Estate Asset Management: With a proven track record, the REIT Manager adeptly manages real estate assets, including office, residential, and non-traditional properties totaling KES 20Billion (as of 31st December 2022). Our prowess extends to acquisitions, developments (residential and commercial), optimization of existing properties, and disposals, with our sound investment decisions underpinned by fundamental analysis.

Leveraging ICEA LION's Legacy: Capitalizing on ICEA LION Group's storied success in real estate development and investment, the REIT Manager draws on the Group's foundational commitment to fundamental analysis. This partnership bolsters our deep understanding and proficiency in real estate, leading to successful outcomes.

Diverse Clientele: Our clientele is primarily comprised of institutional and corporate investors, seeking solutions for short-term cash management and medium-to-long term investment aspirations. This encompasses retirement funds asset management, as well as retail investors looking to allocate surplus funds either periodically or as lump-sum investments. Among our retail clients are individual investors, high net-worth individuals, clubs, small business associations, and community cooperatives.

Our Reach: Operating under the umbrella of ICEA LION Holdings, ILAM's reach is significantly amplified across East Africa.

Comprehensive Portfolio of Services: ILAM's spectrum of services encompasses a variety of areas:

  • Segregated Pension Scheme Management
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • REIT Management
  • Private Wealth Management
  • Property Investment Management
  • Offshore Assets Management
  • Balance Sheet Asset Management
  • Umbrella Pension Schemes Management
  • Investment Advisory Services